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Telugu Bridal Makeup - A guide to perfect look



Telugu Bridal Makeup

Telugu Bridal Makeup - A guide to perfect look

Telugu weddings are very simple and people love to maintain that simplicity in every aspect of their wedding rituals. The bride is also dressed up in a simple yet elegant manner which complements the whole wedding function. The jewelry, accessories, and the dress she wears are very gorgeous so the facial makeup is kept subtle so that nothing looks overdone.

There are many good makeup artists but you are recommended to visit the best makeup studio in Vijayawada for your special day to get the perfect look you always dreamt of. Here are some basic steps that are followed to get the perfect look for any Telugu bride.

The cleanup process

This is the first ever step for any makeup procedure. The face and the neck should be nicely cleansed before applying any makeup. This will help your make up to sit nicely on the skin. After that apply some chilled ice on your face and then a light cream to moisturize your skin.

Conceal the blemishes

The next step is to apply a good concealer on the blemishes that you have on your face like dark circles, black spots, etc. The shade of the concealer should match your skin’s color. This will make the blemishes invisible and you will achieve a flawless complexion.

The base makeup

For the base makeup at first, the foundation needs to be applied. The shade of the foundation should be the same as your complexion. It should not make you look excessive white which can ruin the whole look. Water-based foundations should be preferred over oil-based ones as they stay for a long time and any Bridal Makeup in Vijayawada is meant to stay for longer hours.

A clean foundation brush should be used to apply the foundation in horizontal strokes from top to bottom. Then it should be blended nicely at the ends of the face and neck. Then a powder brush should be used to apply the face powder which will seal the foundation. The excess of the powder should be brushed off with another clean brush.

The eye makeup

At first, a basic color should be used on the eyelids to form the base for the eye shadow. Then darker colors should be used on the outer portions of the eyelids which should be blended inside and soft colors must be applied inside.

The eye must be lined with kohl on the lower lines and eyeliner on the upper lines. Mascara must be applied on the eyelashes to give them volume. The gap in the brows must be filled with a dark brown color to make it look more natural.

Blusher and lip do

A very subtle blusher must be used on the cheekbones. This will make the face glow. The lips should be lined and a nice colored lipstick should be applied that will complement the costume.

These are some of the easy steps for an ideal Wedding Makeup in Vijayawada. Following them, one can achieve the dream look they want.