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South Indian Bridal- different style



South Indian Bridal

South Indian Bridal- different style

Whenever you think of a south Indian bride, the first few things that come to the mind are the gold jewellery, the classy and elegant saree, and the jasmine-clad hair. They tend to preserve their tradition in their bridal style but also intersperse it with a tinge of modernism, making it look like a traditional one with a twist. The important aspect of the bridal style includes the makeup as well as it has to have enough accentuating power on the face and be compatible with the tone of the skin and the jewellery they wear. There are very few like the makeup studio in Vijayawada that can pull off the bridal makeup with aplomb.

A few of the different styles include-

A natural look

This look will be perfect for you if you have naturally radiant skin and beautiful hair and do not have to depend much on the power of makeup to get that perfect bridal look. It makes the bride look absolutely stunning and gorgeous and that too without much effort. The tones are kept mild itself, with the palette around pink and white being the ones of preference. Wedding makeup in Vijayawada specializes in this kind of natural look for the bride.

A golden-hued style

Another primarily monotoned bridal style is the one that is complemented by the golden hue that has caught the fancy of quite a few brides in South India. The look is very glamorous overall and has to be donned in combination with a golden toned saree and jewellery. An important tip while pulling off this look is to ensure that a part is concentrated more upon by the makeup and the rest of it is toned done in accordance with it.

The royal look

It goes without saying that is in the bucket list of a number of women who are going to be brides- to add a royal touch to their style. This form is also gorgeous and mainly a thick saree of Kanjivaram style and adorning jewellery. The best part about this look is the number of hues available as an option. Red, pink, blue, gold, green, you name it and a royal look using it is possible. A choker or maharani haar complements well. Bridal makeup in Vijayawada is more than efficient in providing that royal look to the South Indian brides.

The contemporary look

This has a nice touch of modernism to go with the traditions of a wedding bridal style. It is like a breath of fresh air and the bride generally looks stunning in it. The change can be in the form of the style of draping the saree or the jewellery that they adorn. Kundan jewellery and a sheer dupatta are perfect examples of the contemporary look.

The traditional look

It is true that none of the bridal styles look as elegant and charming as the traditional South Indian bridal style. Heavy makeup on the eyes, red colored saree, heavy red lips, a long braid and jewellery made of gold are the few inclusions of the traditional look.

It is true that a bride from South India has a large variety of options to choose from, as far as wedding styles are concerned.