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Bridal beauty and makeup ideas for Indian brides

Bridal beauty and makeup ideas for Indian brides

You will always want to look your best on the wedding day and anything less than perfect is not accepted. You might have planned a lot of things in your mind for the big day like the bridal wear and other things that are meant to make you look your absolute best. Here in this article, you will get to know about simple and innovative tips that will make you look special and perfect on your D-Day.

Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliating the skin is an important process to remove dead skin cells to look stunning on your wedding day. You can choose to use an exfoliating pack or home remedies in the form of scrub for exfoliating the skin twice a week. 

Cleansing the skin properly

You are likely to embrace bold and bright makeup on your special day, it is essential to cleanse the skin before applying the makeup. This step will ensure that no traces of oil and dirt are left on the skin allowing the makeup to last longer. 

Moisturizing is essential

Moisturizing is important to make your skin glow; otherwise, it will appear flaky and dry. You can use intensive moisturizer for nourishing the skin on different parts of the body. Tinted moisturizers are also great for giving your skin a much-needed glow on your wedding day.

Base make-up

After applying moisturizer on your skin you can use a primer to keep the makeup up for longer. Concealer helps in matching the skin tone and covers up redness or blemishes. You can apply the foundation for blending followed by a highlighter to accentuate the features like cheekbone, forehead, and center of the nose.


You can try out different varieties of eye makeup to choose which suits the best in your bridal attire. Try out every possible shade in your mind to find out the best-suited option for you. Always opt for waterproof black eyeliners in place of blue or brown you can also try out false eyelashes to help your eyes open up.

Lipstick choices

Always wear lipsticks that go well with the rest of your attire. You can choose a darker shade like dark red for fuller lips, use lighter shades for thin lips. Bridal makeup in Vijayawada based use Lip plumper to help you get the perfect pout on your d day.


If you prefer to look a bit more youthful then bridal makeup in Vijayawada based will use blush give you the perfect color pop on your cheeks. Always choose a warmer color that suits your skin tone and blend it perfectly.


Bronzers help you get the perfect sharp and chisel to look in photographs. Count reading helps in highlighting the facial features like the nose and cheekbones but avoid overdoing as it can completely ruin the entire make up.

Understanding makeup needs

The most important thing in a bridal makeup is to explain to the bridal makeup in Vijayawada based what you're looking for on your special day. It is always recommended to take a trial session to choose the best-suited look according to your skin tone, facial features, and attire. Always go for moderate makeup that will help in accentuating your natural features to make you look gorgeous.