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10 Hair Myths to Stop Believing



10 Hair Myths to Stop Believing

10 Hair Myths to Stop Believing

Hair is a precious part of our body and everybody is possessive about it. Everyone tries out various types of product on their hair to make it healthier and more beautiful. But during hair fall, people often start to panic and try out weird things on their hair that have been advised by someone else. These are called myths.

Here in this article, we are going to discuss all those myths that find no place in the world of science. It is high time that people get over those hair myths and start accepting the practicality of things.

The 10 hair myths people swear by are:

Brushing hair 100 times a day

100 strokes of the hairbrush on your hair will only uproot more hair than doing any benefit. Brushing hair forcefully with an improper hairbrush will damage the cuticles and make the hair more frizzy.

Trimming the hair in short intervals helps it grow faster

This is surely one of the biggest myths that many people follow religiously. Hair growth is dependent on its root and not its tips. Therefore chopping off hair strands will add nothing to its growth factor.

Apply shampoo every day

You should shampoo and condition your hair maximum 3 times a week. This will provide enough nourishment to your hair and keep the scalp clean. Using too much of chemical products on hair is surely not advisable.

Wash hair with cold water

This method is applicable only for your skin and not for your hair. Washing with warm water has a similar effect as cold water.

Dry shampoo is better than regular shampoo

Any given day, this myth is a big NO. Dry shampoo soaks excess oil from the scalp and does no good to it.

Change the shampoo’s brand at regular intervals

Always stick to using what works on your hair instead of changing the products more often.

Conditioners are not meant for oily hair

This is very untrue as oil in the hair is due to the excessive secretion of sebum in the scalp. That has nothing to do with applying of conditioner to the hair strands.

Plucking grey hair increases its growth

Never! This is because plucking of a grey hair may damage its follicle but it will, by no means, increase the growth of other grey hair. Each hair grows from a separate follicle and thus, plucking of one will not affect the other.

Tying your hair while sleeping reduces its growth

The reverse is true in fact. Letting your hair loose while sleeping will lead to more damage to it, but if you tie it properly then it will be protected against breakage.

There are products to repair split ends

Anyone may spend thousands of dollars on various hair products but can be assured that split ends cannot be repaired at any cost. You can get rid of split ends only by trimming them off.

These are some of the common hair myths that many of you must be following. They hold no reality thus should be stopped immediately.